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[Top Shelf] Gas Mask - Indica

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THC - 24% 90%/10% Indica

Meet Gas Mask by Pacific NW Roots, a strain so funky it demands a hazmat suit! Born from Cherry Pie and Alien Kush F2, this collaboration with Exotic Genetix creates an aroma that's a mix of high-grade air freshener and bold adventure. It's a fast-flowering, high-yielding indica dominatrix, packing a punch with a mind-numbing, stress-evaporating high. Brace yourself for a journey that drops you into blissful relaxation. One hit, and you're in dreamland, embraced by a tingly, heavy euphoria. This Mary Jane SWAT team is no joke—perfect for battling chronic pain, insomnia, and Monday blues. Warning: May induce laughter and snack cravings. Suit up, stoners!

Initiative 71 Compliant. All purchase of art comes with a gift.

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